Mary Kay Ladies

Mary Kay ladies sometimes really get on my nerves. I’m not against what they do or anything I like makeup as much as the next person and if you enjoy yourself selling things go for it. But seriously I swear every Mary Kay lady ever has the same story. and I’m pretty sure I could repeat it by heart if needed. It always starts out with “I used (insert product here) by (insert brand here) and then they discontinued it, so I searched and searched and finally tried Mary Kay”. Then you listen to this whole story about their switch and why they decided to start selling (“To help other women feel BEAUTIFUL”). And It always ends with “And my skin has never looked so good!” I think they need a new training pamphlet… just saying.

Another thing that really bugs me? Whenever I tell them I don’t like how it makes my face feel they tell me I’m just not used to wearing moisturizer.

But they do have great eye makeup remover.


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3 Responses to Mary Kay Ladies

  1. Aliese says:

    Plus, they drive pink Cadillacs. I love pink things and personalizing my possessions, but that’s too over-the-top; even for me! That’s pretty bad. But I did have some Mary Kay lip gloss for quite awhile that I loved. Loved it so much I even sought out Mary Kay sellers to purchase more. Bath & Body Works’ lip gloss has since proved superior.

  2. Aliese says:

    ***correction***they ASPIRE to drive pink Cadillacs. :) Most don’t ever get to.

  3. SadieSadie says:

    I have always been confused as to why anyone could even want a pink Cadillac as well!

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