Havasupai, and I’m lazy

I went to Havasupai this past weekend with my cousin, her husband my brother and mom, and it was wicked awesome. I recommend it to everyone…. particularly if you enjoy hiking 10 miles carrying a large backpack. Which as it turns out I do not. But I did have enough fun to make up for all the walking :) I wish I had a better Camera that showed how blue the water was better because really it was so cool. My only regret is not bringing a inner tube to float in.

You can tell I haven’t started hiking yet cause my smile is real big

Havasu Falls.

The Death climb to Mooney falls featuring my mom and then my brother then me


 Seriously I have never been so dirty in my life as I was on that trip. My hair was almost criminal it was so dirty.

But the falls are on an indian reservation that yo have to walk through and let me just say this place was crazy. Like horses would just walk down the street, no big deal. And there were dogs EVERYWHERE… There is no way all of those dogs could possibly have owners and they were all very odd looking mutts….

In the end I decided I would like to go back there really a lot but  would like to fly in the helicopter instead of walking… Even though I carried a lighter pack than anyone else. What can I say? I’m a just a weakling.

I got back yesterday from that expedition and will be heading to ARIZONA today to hang out with my cousin who I used to live with. I’m pretty jazzed and then I get back and in 2 days we leave for CAMP!!!

P.S. I have a lot more stuff to tell about this trip but none of it has pictures or is particularly relevant to this post so later maybe.


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2 Responses to Havasupai, and I’m lazy

  1. Aliese says:

    SO COOL! Camp’s gonna rock. You just wait! I’m honestly stoked to hear about your shenanigans. :)

  2. Jennifer says:

    Funnest fun ever! Also, hardest hike ever! Well done posting so quickly. I’ll email you my pics and then you can post even more. Never was there a group with filthier hair though. I definitely wanna go again with different shoes. Also, none of my pictures really show the really cool color of the water…guess people will just have to go on their own. Have fun in AZ and CA!

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