London Bridge Has Now Been Moved to Lake Havasu

LIES!!!! I went to the one in Lake Havasu and was met with a upsetting surprise…

London bridge.. in England

The real one

The Imposter

You can understand my disappointment.


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7 Responses to London Bridge Has Now Been Moved to Lake Havasu

  1. Aliese says:

    HaHaHa! Except that lovely bridge in London is called the Tower Bridge now…But I can definitely understand the disappointment.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Definitely a disappointment. How was I fooled for so many years? Of course it doesn’t make sense to pick up and move a bridge clear across the world so I though, “well, if it’s in the song it must be so.” Wrong. Also, I must say it isn’t even a great duplicate. But still worth going to I suppose. Brent got to take a dip after all.

  3. Educated says:

    I’m sorry.. how are you so… trying to put this nicely… dumb?

  4. Chuckles says:

    Apparently when the authentic London Bridge went up for sale, many people thought it was “tower bridge” including the British. It was bought for $2.5 million and shipped brick by brick and reassembled in Arizona for a further cost of $7 million. Even today “Tower Bridge” is referred to as London Bridge by most people who are not familiar with the facts. So whoever it is calling you dumb, don’t worry because you have made an honest mistake which the rest of the “educated” world makes every day, even Brits. So now you have an excuse to go visit London and see for yourself that the famous Tower Bridge is still there. Take Care and if you go, take the hop on off bus tour, it’s the best way to see London in a day.

  5. Ben Hall says:

    The medieval London bridge (demolished 1831) looked so much more fun. Crossing it must have been like passing through a gothic tunnel.

  6. Dee says:

    The photo at the top is and has always been of Tower Bridge. This bridge has never had any other name. It is however, commonly mistaken for London Bridge.

    The Victorian version of London bridge began to subside on the south side in the 1960s so it was sold to a Mr McCullick for $2000,000. He shipped it out stone by stone to lake havazu in Arizona where it still stands today. There is now a replacement London Bridge in place of the one sold to Mr McCullick completed in 1973. No self respecting British person would ever make the error of confusing London bridge and Tower Bridge. It is engrained in our history. London Bridge has almost 2,000 years of history. Tower bridge was completed in 1894 (relatively new) designed to blend in with the Tower of London which is on its North side.

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