Road Buddies

Road buddies are people you find when you are driving a long distance, and you drive with them even if you don’t know them. And today we drove out to our summer camp job in California and found THE BEST road buddies EVER. Seriously. Here is a picture to prove it.

Yes. They were getting semi trucks to honk for them and they were not 6. They were grown people. Every so often they would pop out the windows to wave at us. We became good friends over the hour we shared on the freeway, We even exchanged phone numbers, and as soon as we made our exit we received this message: “Miss you :(Β  ” We miss them too. Luckily they kept texting us. We’re pretty much bff by now.

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2 Responses to Road Buddies

  1. Jennifer says:

    Love it! That is the best road buddy ever! Have fun in CA!

  2. zackapalooza says:

    How do you even exchange numbers via two different cars moving down the road?

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