Summer at Camp pt. 1

Let this post start out with I miss the internet. I miss the blog, I miss other peoples blogs, I miss Facebook twitter and you tube. but you know what I mis most of all? Not worrying mice were going to run on me in the night. I really miss that. I now deal with the smell of coffee to use the internet… I’ve come a long way

I’ve been to the beach a lot which is excellent. I do love the beach.

I live in a covered wagon… I’ll find a photo.

I have changed my definitions of dirty and clean, I regularly wear jeans that would not be considered clean anywhere but here. My hands are probably never really clean, I made a camper a sandwich and she asked me why it tasted like horse. Whoops.

A lot of the people who work at this camp are wicked awesome and we made friends with some girls from England. There are also some less cool people like the prince of Portugal who gets on my nerves. and he’s not really the prince of Portugal

Anyways as it turns out I am extremely lucky in the cabin draw. Other counselors have had to deal with all sorts of stuff and all my girls have been lovely except one small hiccup that doesn’t really compare to what other people have had to deal with.

I actually came here to redo my school schedule and ended up posting this whoops.


About kelltick

Snowcones. Theme Parks. All Time Low. Lake Powell. Concerts. Random Dancing. Trampolines. The Beach. Camping. Snowboarding. Horses. Dr Pepper. Summer camp. Pets. Sarcasm. Adventures. Utah. Arizona. Pool days. the lake. SUMMER. Pictures. Tang (the drink). Vacations. Life.
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2 Responses to Summer at Camp pt. 1

  1. Aliese says:

    Glad you’re having a decent experience! LOVE the sandwich story, although it makes me wanna puke a little bit. And–from experience–girls from England are, in fact, AWESOME.

  2. zackapalooza says:

    Aliese, I think you could shorten that to “England is, in fact, AWESOME.” You girls better make really good friends with them so you can go visit them. :P

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