Summer at Camp Pt. 2

I’ve started to dream about comfortable bed possibly it’s my brains effort to make up for the fact that mine is nowhere near comfortable.

I am seriously so good at losing stuff, the camp directors just laugh at me now when I come looking for my camera. Because it is always lost.

I don’t know how to help homesick campers. If a pat on the back and a “Think about all the fun we’ll have tomorrow!” don’t work I just have nothing else to go on.

On that note children with dysfunctional families are beyond me. My happy home life has really set me back here ’cause I can’t relate to all their weird situations.

I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER. I hide and eat it because we are supposed to be a peanut free camp and it makes me sad.

Kids at camp get to play the best night games EVER. I am seriously jealous of them and being a boundary guard just isn’t that fun.


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3 Responses to Summer at Camp Pt. 2

  1. Aliese says:

    HaHaHa! I love this and can totally relate. Umm…Have you started to dream about your clothes yet? That was my most common one. I would dream about my closet and all that it encompassed. Since I was limited to bathing suits, Soffe shorts, and a tank top, I was super excited to get home to all my cute shirts, jeans, etc. As for the homesick campers: I got nothin’. I usually just let ’em cry it out. I was lucky though in that my kids had been solid campers longer than I had, so the homesickness was very rare. I can’t even believe your camp is peanut butter free! That boggles my mind. I can understand they don’t want kids with allergies exposed but seriously…how hard is it to tell them not to eat it?! We had what we called “Peanut Butter Alley” where kids who didn’t like what was served for meals would make themselves a PB&J. Sorry you can’t participate in night games. That’s another thing I wouldn’t be used to…We were totally encouraged to participate in ALL evening activities (some of which were truly stupid though).

  2. Jennifer says:

    That sounds so fun…except for the lack of a comfy bed and peanut butter.

  3. zackapalooza says:

    No peanut butter? Are you sure you went to camp and not Hell?

    Haha, anyways, I know exactly what you mean about the dysfunctional families. My family rocks, and a lot of people I know at college have all these family issues and they’re so glad to be at school. I start to feel guilty because I LIKE to go home now and then!

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