Summer at Camp pt. 5 The Final Chapter

I have so many lasts I almost lose track of them all but I attempt to savor each one… In a good way… In a I might miss this someday but not right now way…. I did last riding class, last day off, last day teaching with certain people, and last day of each of the foods. I am SO SICK of barbecue. seriously. And tomorrow we get to do last show day and last evil grey shirt day. As well as last time I have to talk to this person I hate day :D

Anyways we start our drive home tomorrow and will be driving through the night in an effort to get home to Utah as quickly as possible. This driving through the night business is not so high on our mothers ‘love this idea’ list but we are not just going to hang around another whole day we’ll be road trip rock stars… and we’ll drink rock star. Also our english friend Francesca is coming which is going to be awesome, cause we are going to have Utah adventures.

I am really looking forward to internet access whenever I want it. And not only using my cell phone in the dead of night. Yay for electronic freedom. Another thing to be super excited for? Nice horses that don’t bite when you pet them and also don’t hate each other. This post is coming off negative….. I will miss the cool people here and I will miss my nearness to the beach :D I also will miss all the cool kids I met. I want them to come home with me so I can be friends with them.

Closing statements: I’m not a California girl. I like to be where it is hot but I don’t like to be there in boots pants and a cowboy hat. I learned the job to go to camp as is life guard and If I do camp again I will make every effort to ensure that is how I go. Because they get to sit around in a tank top and shorts all day and they get to jump in the pool :D


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One Response to Summer at Camp pt. 5 The Final Chapter

  1. Aliese says:

    Umm…Your last statement truly made me laugh out loud. It’s true; lifeguarding is DEFINITELY the way to go! We ALWAYS felt so bad for the barn girls who were sweaty/gross/muddy/up an hour earlier/fully dressed. That’s just not the greatest way to enjoy camp. And you’re totally right in that you think you hate it now, but you’ll miss it in a few short weeks. I totally remember leaving camp and telling my friend John, “I’m never coming back to this awful place…” He agreed. By October, we’d both signed returning contracts. Strange how things change! Anyway, in reference to your long drive: You can totally sleep at our house if you need to! Just give me a call and let me know.

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