Things That Bring Us Joy

Here is a list of little things that make us happy

  • 1000 Awesome Things- That book/blog is genius.
  • Yelling “Do Better” by Say Anything at the top of our lungs out our car windows. It has sort of a bitter tone that’s great for screaming.
  • Using a vocabulary word in regular conversation.
  • Blasting the wrong kind of music from the wrong kind of car i.e. Backstreet Boys from a manly truck.
  • When you get in line at the store right before the checker turns off his light.
  • When someone messes up on your order in your favour.
  • Car dancing
  • Meeting someone with your same birthday.
  • When you clean out your room and you find stuff you lost.
  • Getting the last piece of the best kind of candy.
  • When you go up to the cash register with your purchase and you find out it cost less than the price listed.
  • Likeing a song or band way before everyone else.
  • A brand new pack of Sharpees.
  • Being at the winning end of Beginners luck.
  • When you forget to do homework, and then your teacher pushes back the due date.
  • When a release date is moved up.
  • When one of your favorite bands (ALL TIME LOW) is coming in concert at your hometown, and you didn’t think they would.
  • Getting somewhere faster than your GPS said you would.
  • Winning a game against someone who is really competitive (and then bringing it up again later).
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