Boys in Bands

Are not always cute. They always trick you… You hear their song and you are like “oh wow… he sounds attractive”, And you assume boys in bands are cute. Then you look them up and you’re like “Uhg TROLLS” Alright so maybe that’s a little extreme but there really are a lot of weird looking ones, or ones that look like they might kill you if you met them in a dark alley. I realize that this post pretty much defines me as the shallowest person alive but bare with me, and you’ll see I’m right

First up is Sherwood. The first time I heard their songs I thought they were so cool cause they sing about California and their songs are all good and everything. So you look them up and WHAM! Old faces. This photo confuses me on a lot of levels and I cant decide if they are pretending to be on a roller coaster or in a car. Also check out the guy in the back of that picture… Case in point about the dark alley. Seriously

Next up we have The Cab. I had actually never seen pictures of them before I saw them in concert… And the lead singer is so weird looking. He’s the one who looks like a girl over there. I’d even go so far as to say he looks a touch like Megan Fox from far away. He has a mustachio a little bit which is a particularly bad choice I think.

Forever the Sickest Kids. first off they are an oddly large band. Secondly look at the kids in this band. Weirdies They actually do look a little ill. And I feel like 7 people must’ve been yelling telling them what their facial expressions should because honestly they have nothing in common.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids, I’m convinced they had to of legitimately scared children, that is probably why they broke up. look at this picture, how foreboding do they look? Pretty much exactly like they are about to get in a fight. and the guy in front it like “you think you can take us all son?”

All American Rejects have manorexia. Together. I’m sure of it, check out their lurpy-ness. The lead singer is particularly gaunt, one time I read an article about him being shirtless and thought to myself it must be a bit like looking at a skeletor. And actually I am aware that a lot of people find them attractive but I just feel like he could slice you open with his bony elbows

Friday Night Boys must get in a lot of fights… because the Lead singer constantly looks like he has black eyes. And they all look like they haven’t slept in three weeks, they look completely crazed in this photo

Nickleback… Actually I have no words… He just speaks for himself

So Actually I have a whole folder of bands I could do for this, but the post is getting a little long and a touch boring, But see? Now you can see my point! Even if it is shallow


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5 Responses to Boys in Bands

  1. Jennifer says:

    I totally agree! Boys in bands (and really, girls for that matter) are generally a little odd looking. There are, of course, very rare exceptions. But even the biggest bands boast some real uggos.

  2. SadieSadie says:

    Chad Kroeger takes the cake. What a ridiculous looking man.

  3. zackapalooza says:

    Can anyone say Paramore? Hayley is the only remotely attractive one there.

    Asian bands are always cute. Even though they are sometimes slutty, and that doesn’t matter if they are boy bands or girl bands.

  4. kelltick says:

    You make an excellent point about asians Zackapalooza only 2 of the 13 members of super junior are weird looking… That’s good odds. And even Hayley because of her orange hair would probably fall on the debatable side.

  5. SadieSadie says:

    I think her hair is cool! I mean not on anyone else really, but I think she can pull it off.

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