3 Things I Really Hate Right Now

1. Fake nails… I can’t believe I used to want them I’m disgusted with my past self… Now I think they just look dumb, they don’t even look remotely real and they look vile when they get dirty. As a double hate I hate it when people paint over their fake nails with regular nail polish. It doesn’t help the situation at all.

2. People being mushy over face book. Hi guys, Just text if you need to be obnoxious about the fact that you are so in love. I barely even know the person who’s page I went to, I went to check if he was engaged cause his photo looks like an engagement, he’s not engaged but seriously ugh gag me with a spoon guys. I’m sure they are really a lovely couple in real life…And actually I have noticed this trend all over facebook recently and I think it’s weird.

3. That all the concerts I want to go to are in like a 1 week period so that while I could technically attend them all it would just seem a little ridiculous… But guys. I really want to go to all of them.


About kelltick

Snowcones. Theme Parks. All Time Low. Lake Powell. Concerts. Random Dancing. Trampolines. The Beach. Camping. Snowboarding. Horses. Dr Pepper. Summer camp. Pets. Sarcasm. Adventures. Utah. Arizona. Pool days. the lake. SUMMER. Pictures. Tang (the drink). Vacations. Life.
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2 Responses to 3 Things I Really Hate Right Now

  1. Mia says:

    I feel the same way about number 2. :P
    Why do they feel the need to take it to facebook? why not just talk on the phone or something..


  2. SadieSadie says:

    Number 3 :( :( :( :(

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