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Halloween Costumes and our Great Discovery

Here’s what we looked like yesterday. A Zebra and a Rockstar. Cause we know if you don’t dress up for Halloween you’re pretty much saying you don’t like fun. Also… We discovered a replacement California Burrito.. Betos said they would … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween! Halloween is a fantastic holiday. It’s like pure fun. Dressing up, free candy, scary movies, etc. So hopefully everyone here dressed up as something totally awesome for Halloween, because we believe strongly that saying you aren’t dressing up … Continue reading

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Workin’ For the Weekend

These days pretty much all I do is work and do homework. Which is not particually fun, but there are a few things about my job that keep me entertained (not an easy task considering I am a receptionist). One … Continue reading

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On a Scale From 1 to Ted Bundy, You Sir, Are An Eleven

Today I was Creeped on in a really epic way. I’ve been minorly creeped on before, you know some guy tries to talk to me about what flavor of ice cream I’m getting or been told my eyes are just … Continue reading

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Halloween Week

Guys, I love Halloween. Like of the non Christmas Holidays it’s probably my favorite. Whenever people talk about how they hate it I am just flabbergasted. Reasons Halloween is The Best 1. FREE CANDY 2. Excuse to dress up 3. … Continue reading

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Age is Just a Number

So today my brother and I were home alone pretty much all day so we basically just watched movies on Netflix and made fun of them. For awhile we turned on Teen Wolf, it was suggested to us and we … Continue reading

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Fashion Trends I Swore I Wouldn’t Follow…

And then did… :D Plaid shorts. I don’t remember Why I didn’t want to wear them… It probably had something to do with Hollister…. Anyways, I know I didn’t. But then I got some for my birthday and ended up … Continue reading

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