This Boy Will Not Die and some Flashbacks

So I just talked to my cousin from Arizona and the stupid boy named Howie has been asking about me… Again… Seriously?! I wish I had posted about him in the old blog but I didn’t however I do have some excerpts from emails I sent Sadie in China.

Exceprt 1: Randomly this boy who returned from his mission 4 days ago came over to play games (because Kristen invited him) and then he asked if i wanted to go to the temple with him. hopefully you can adequately imagine my horror. And it was horrible, 4 days returned from mission and a complete stranger are not a good combination… End Excerpt

Honestly that was probably one of the most awkward events of my young life… He was so Fresh of his mission he wouldn’t even listen to music. So we sat in silence except for when I chattered at him and he told me ” this is weird… This is so weird…” Every 20 seconds…

Excerpt 2:HE JUST CALLED TO ASK ME ON A DATE. I need to get out of Arizona ASAP. Seriously. Luckily since I am leaving for California today I can’t go. He’s about to get cut off. Good bye. ALSO I don’t know if I told you this. His name is Howie. HOWIE as in the backstreet boy. I KNOW. my cousin made me call him last night to see if he would go with us cause there was a break in at the office but he couldn’t come. That’s why he was texting me last night when I wrote you that email. And now HE THINKS IT’S OK TO ASK ME ON A DATE. Dear Howie…. DON’T DO IT!. End Excerpt

Alright so that one makes me sound pretty bad… but I never did have to go on a date with him. I just got stuck in an endless cycle of having to hang out with him and him having no idea what to do… And as you can tell I wasn’t very friendly to him… And like it’s been a year since I was there… Stop asking about me.


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