Fashion Trends I Swore I Wouldn’t Follow…

And then did… :D

Plaid shorts. I don’t remember Why I didn’t want to wear them… It probably had something to do with Hollister…. Anyways, I know I didn’t. But then I got some for my birthday and ended up having 3 pairs.

Skinny Jeans. For real. I swore Up and down I would never ever wear them. I was boot cut all the way. Until I wasn’t, and then I LOVED skinny jeans And I practically replaced my pants wardrobe with them. And then I met Jeggings and thought I’d never wear them…WRONG again. I LOVE those pants.

Gossip Girl headbands. you know with like cutsey little flowers on them? Actually I don’t really like Headbands, They give me headaches. But my hair couldn’t be just down and plain or just up and plain whenย  I lived in Arizona so I bought some cause they were easy. And If I have the right outfit on I’ll wear them now that I’m home but not everyday like I did there.

Leggings with short skirts/dresses- I actually just used to think this was plain stupid in high school. A denim mini+leggings does not an outfit make I thought to myself. And while I still don’t love the denim mini look I do love me some leggings with boots.

Crazy tights- Mostly I just think the fishnet was abused. but now I have some sweet action lace tights I really love. I’m still not going to wear fishnet tights…

Some fashion trends I still really don’t understand..

-Shorts+tights+ugg boots…
-Giant hairbow headbands. Like I have a few crazy headbands but when the bows the size of your face I get confused.


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3 Responses to Fashion Trends I Swore I Wouldn’t Follow…

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is hilarious! I totally know how you feel…leggings use to be a little fundy…now they’re cute. I’m still never doing the skinny jean because I’m missing an important component (skinny). And crazy tights? Love em. Can’t get enough. I might have a fettish…which is funny because really, I mostly just wear jeans.

  2. m3liska says:

    I completely agree with you. I always swore I would never wear Abercrombie (due to the naked models and lawsuits) but that all went downhill in seventh grade. At least I no longer wear the shirts that say ABERCROMBIE all over them, just the jeans. That counts for something, right…?

  3. zackapalooza says:

    I still don’t do skinny jeans because:

    1. I am a dude and dudes have dude parts that skinny jeans do not play well with.
    2. My legs aren’t exactly skinny. They’re not fat. They’re like in-between, I-used-to-run-track-for-4-years legs.

    I really don’t care for them anyways, and I don’t really like jeans. Like I don’t see them above/below other kinds of jeans appearance-wise. They’re just whatever.

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