Halloween Week

Guys, I love Halloween. Like of the non Christmas Holidays it’s probably my favorite. Whenever people talk about how they hate it I am just flabbergasted.
Reasons Halloween is The Best
2. Excuse to dress up
3. You get to act crazy and people excuse it cause you are a. Wearing a costume b. Hyped up on candy or c. Both
4. Clever people do stuff like this


About kelltick

Snowcones. Theme Parks. All Time Low. Lake Powell. Concerts. Random Dancing. Trampolines. The Beach. Camping. Snowboarding. Horses. Dr Pepper. Summer camp. Pets. Sarcasm. Adventures. Utah. Arizona. Pool days. the lake. SUMMER. Pictures. Tang (the drink). Vacations. Life.
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4 Responses to Halloween Week

  1. Aliese says:

    Yeah…Halloween is definitely my least favorite holiday. I do not love it. I do love fall though, and cute halloweenish movies. Nothing scary though.

  2. m3liska says:

    One time kids came to my house to trick or treat ON HORSES, which were incorporated into their costumes. It was so amazing, my mom took pictures.

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