Day 5: Probably Only We…

Probably only we think it’s hilarious to make horses wear girl colors and sparkles.
Probably only we own “Stack Movies” such as “Somewhere Tomorrow.”
Probably only we spend an hour in Blockbuster only to come out with “Drive Me Crazy.”
Probably only we think it would be awesome to go off Big Kahuna in an inner tube.
Probably only we tie a tube on the back of a horse and run around.
Probably only we play the license plate game with such brutality.
Probably only we would keep a bobby pin in our locker because it owes a life debt.
Probably only we feel severe separation anxiety after only a few days apart.
Probably only we ruin Tomato Soup, Ramon, and Macaroni and Cheese.
Probably only we think obsession is one of the most awesome things ever.
Probably only we keep track of how many times we grab a mitten out of someones hand on horseback.
Probably only we used seminary scriptures as a mailbox.
Probably only we crave salt and vinegar chips with a huge bag of cheese curds.
Probably only we make it a goal to attend the annual Llama fest every year.
Probably only we spent High School worrying that we might accidentally turn up in the same outfit.
Probably only we argue about which natural disaster would be the most fun to be.
Probably only we have Upside Down at the top of our most played list.
Probably only we go to the mall looking for ugly clothes rather than cute ones.
Probably only we think the Brother Bear commentary is the funniest thing on earth.
Probably only we think that’s it’s really fun to run around outside with sheets when it’s stormy.
Probably only we skip through a parking lot yelling freedom while throwing nerds in the air.
Probably only we go to Barnes and noble and complete entire novels like TTYL
Probably only we buy candy for movies intended to be used as projectiles.
Probably only we debate whether Zac Efron or the Jonas brother or Dahani is cute.
Probably only we ride down the Weber River in a lobster tube, and a giant sea turtle.
Probably only we love A*teens as much as we do.
Probably only we can spell Kuch Kuch Hota Hai without even having to think about it.
Probably only we analyze certain people quite as much as we do
Probably only we pay so much attention to “the house” and the BMX boys who live in it.
Probably only we would skip sleeping for a night just to go wait in line at Target at 2:30 am on Black Friday, when actually there is nothing we really need.
Probably only we would Teen Mag our college bedroom.

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