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2010 Predictions that came true: Demi Lovato dates someone hideous Paramore breaks-up Jonsas Brothers fail American Idol starts to die. Goals We Completed: Go to more concerts Have craizer clothes Make up for lost time (last year we were on … Continue reading

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Kid History

Our friend Maddie showed this to me, and now we basically just quote it all the time. “I’m gonna steal your birthday stuff” is a very good threat to throw out if you didn’t know. Episode 2 after the jump.

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2010 in Review

10 Good Things That Came From 2010: The 21st Winter Olympics Something Corporate reforms Inception comes out World’s Tallest building opens (Dubai) The Pussy Cat Dolls go on Hiatus Toy Story 3 comes out, and doesn’t disappoint. Red Hot Chili … Continue reading

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My Family is Actually Crazy

My little brother has been living in montana with my aunt so for Christmas we went up there. my little brother has always been a little weird but for some reason hanging out with these cousins makes him even more … Continue reading

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There Is No Place Like Airports For The Holidays….

I was going to write this while I was in the airport… but then I got hungry… Which brings me to my first point. Airport food is disgusting and they totally gouge you for it. This is distressing to me. … Continue reading

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Christmas 2.0

My Uncle played this at our Family Christmas party, and I thought the idea of Joseph playing Farmville was hilarious.    

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How About Them Apples?

So today my cousin decided that she was finally going to make neighbor gifts. We’re a little late to the game so a lot of the easy stuff like banana bread and chocolate covered pretzels have already been taken. We … Continue reading

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