Day 6: Tradtions We Have

We have  lots of traditions. Partly because we are so nostalgic, partly because we are just fun.

  • Black Friday shopping, staying up all night, going to Target, waiting n line in the freezing cold even if there is nothing we want
  • Singing the Central Davis Jr High song when ever we pass it. not because we went there, because we didn’t. actually I think it started as a way to just make people think we were crazy and then ended up being something we do even if we are the only ones in the car
  • Someone riding down the river on the lobster tube
  • Cheese Curds, Diet coke, and Salt and vinegar = Meal of champions after river rafting
  • Reading the horoscopes out of the back of teen mags, also taking the lame quizzes
  • Watching Aqua Marine right after school gets out for the summer
  • Lighting sparklers at the end of summer
  • Giving each other our Christmas presents early (not so much a tradition as it is something that just happens because we get too excited)
  • Listening to “Here” by HelloGoodbye before football games
  • Winning Cranium (Also not so much a tradition as it is a fact… we read minds)
  • Every Summer we make a mix CD and the first song is always In This Diary by The Ataris.
  • Going to Midnight showings of movies
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