Day 8: Top “Remember that one time?”s

  • Jordan singing on the original Snake River trip “HURRAH HURRAH”
  • Kelli falling down the stairs the first day of high school
  • Sarah’s Mascara Incident… Those mascara tubes can be slipperey, It is easy to accidently mascara your eyebrows
  • Sadie’s Dad Falling down the stairs and grabbing the Christmas quilt that was held on by thumb tacks… This failed and he ended up at the bottom of the stairs. We almost die laughing.
  • Kelli hitting Spencer in the face with the door on purpose just because she knew he was hiding there
  • Sarah and the broken doll
  • Munchi’s trip to the post office.
  • All that candy we ate from the Parade of Homes jar competely ignoring the please take one sign.
  • Sarah and the “bear”
  • Jordan figure skating
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3 Responses to Day 8: Top “Remember that one time?”s

  1. Sarah says:

    Broken doll? I don’t remember that. Fill me in!

  2. kelltick says:

    Scene: Kelli and Sadie are helping Sarah clean her room

    Kelli: uhhh Sarah look at this doll… It has a broken leg, do you think it can go?
    Sarah: You’ll have to ask my mom but be careful! she’s in a REALLY BAD MOOD TODAY! *huffs*
    Kelli: I’ll take my chances
    Kelli: Julie, look at this doll… can it go?
    *doll is hideous, porcelain leg is broken off, hair has been ruined*
    Julie: Broken leg, lovely hair…. Yeah She can go down in the basement.
    Kelli and Sadie hysterical laughter

  3. Sarah says:

    Oh. Now I remember. She must have been making me clean my room. :)

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