There Is No Place Like Airports For The Holidays….

I was going to write this while I was in the airport… but then I got hungry… Which brings me to my first point.

Airport food is disgusting and they totally gouge you for it. This is distressing to me. I bought a cinnamon roll fro breakfast and it cost me almost $4 and then like $2 for a fountain drink. The fountain drink could be worse though… it could be like little league baseball game food where a small soda is like $3. Which makes me think of dippin dots which are the worlds greatest rip off. ANYWAYS, back on topic. Airport food = totally gross. Like seriously I want to open an airport food place that charges less then all the other ones but is actually good. You’d make a killing.

This is the first time in a long time that I wasn’t the person running through the airport to make my flight… but I did get to see someone else and it was delightful

I got body scanned. I think people make a big deal out of something awfully small. The worst part of the airport experiences is taking your shoes off and you have to do that when you go through the metal detectors.

I can’t figure out why people wear sunglasses inside and it seems like this happens all the time in airports. It’s weird, You’re inside!! Stop with the stunna shades.

The window is far and away the best sport to sit on the plane. I had the aisle seat and the middle is obviously worse but I so prefer the window so I can lean against the will and sleep. and when you sit in the aisle every time someone walks past they ram into you.

The man next to me on the plane was named Ramon. He talked my ear off. He was one of those people who just talk and talk at you even if you are listening to your Ipod he will talk to you. He was even the sort to look over my shoulder to see what I was listening to on my Ipod, and then commented on it. I find this behavior obnoxious in strangers.


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