2010 in Review

10 Good Things That Came From 2010:

  • The 21st Winter Olympics
  • Something Corporate reforms
  • Inception comes out
  • World’s Tallest building opens (Dubai)
  • The Pussy Cat Dolls go on Hiatus
  • Toy Story 3 comes out, and doesn’t disappoint.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers head back into the Studio
  • Chinese rights activist (Liu Xiaobo)  wins Nobel Peace Prize
  • Harry Potter 7
  • Scientists reverse the aging process in mice

10 Bad Things That Came From 2010:

  • Copeland disbaned.
  • Demi Lovato goes to rehab
  • Taylor Swift writes songs about John Mayer
  • Someone decides it’s a good idea to make a 2nd Cats and Dogs movie.
  • Earthquakes (Haiti, Chile), Volcanoes (Iceland, Indonesia)
  • J.D. Salinger Dies
  • Lakers win NBA Championship
  • American Idol season is so boring that I don’t even know who won
  • Jersey Shore
  • Lady Gaga wears a meat dress

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I LOVE Horses, Roller Coasters, Traveling , Meeting Weird People, River Rafting, Summer, Music, Mornings, Enthusiasm, Philanthropy, Themed Parties, Reading, Black and White Photographs, Orange Juice, Making Lists, Road Trips, Swing Sets, and Mix CDs. https://bffbloggers.wordpress.com/
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