Predictions that came true:

  • Demi Lovato dates someone hideous
  • Paramore breaks-up
  • Jonsas Brothers fail
  • American Idol starts to die.

Goals We Completed:

  • Go to more concerts
  • Have craizer clothes
  • Make up for lost time (last year we were on opposite sides of the planet)
  • Go on a Road trip


  • Worst day of our lives: Old blog dies
  • Best State: Utah
  • Best Beach we went to: San Clemente
  • Most Obnoxious person- Tie: Danny or John Mayer
  • Most Oil spilled into the ocean: BP
  • Coolest British person: Cesca
  • Worst British person: Danny
  • Most likely to do a life 180: Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana >>>>> Drug user
  • Best Hair: Justin Bieber
  • Most overused Facebook status/Tweet: Airplanes- B.O.B. ft. Hayley Williams
  • Most annoying song: Millionaire- Bruno Mars

2010 Fads:

  • Pillow Pets
  • Silly Bands
  • Ray Bans
  • Vans
  • Toms
  • Hair wraps/tinsel
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3 Responses to THIS YEAR

  1. bluesuit12 says:

    I didn’t know Paramore broke up. That’s a bummer. Some girls girls came over with their mom the other day and she was saying how they got Toms for Christmas. I didn’t know what the crap she was talking about. That’s how I know I must be getting older. That coupled with the fact that I thought they were ugly.

  2. bluesuit12 says:

    Let me clarify. I thought the shoes were ugly not the girls. haha

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