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Sorry I read your journal…. Here, read mine

So today I was reading a girls journal over her shoulder, I honestly cannot help myself in these sort of situations… I know this is horrible. You don’t have to tell me. Unfortunately she wrote in cursive, which is actually … Continue reading

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Quote of The Week

After kicking his brother and then being asked why he would do that “He called me a HIPPOGRIFF!” Instead of he called me a hypocrite. I laughed forever.

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One Reason I Still Have Faith in Humanity

Today when I was at school I saw this kid. He was dressed in a green super hero costume including a green mask and cape. He was just roaming the halls throwing out huge handfuls of candy to all the … Continue reading

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Facebook Stereotypes

According to this list I saw on Facebook there are 20 types of Facebookers, and you will fall under at least one of these categories. I am #12 and sometimes guilty of #19. 1. Over Photo Editors 2. Extremely Frequent … Continue reading

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Isn’t it Nice To Know, That The Lining is Silver?

So due to the fact that I need a drivers license for driving I get to come home(!!!) and get one. Nothing like losing your wallet to require a trip home. Dear Utah, I will see you over Valentines day … Continue reading

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Disadvantages of Living In a Different State Then Your BFF

– You can’t be roommates – Which means You can’t have a teen mag wall – You laugh about Inside jokes all by yourself, because no one else thinks they are funny – There is no one to give “the … Continue reading

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This Week Will Live in Infamy

As the week that almost everything went not so perfect Our lives are pretty good. Not really much to complain about. But seriously guys when on the rare occasion we all of a sudden have something bad happen to us, … Continue reading

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