How To Have a Great Office Photo on Your Christmas Card

A. Pretend your office girls are your Harem
B. Let everyone know Knee length or shorter dresses are encouraged, stripper shoes are required.
C. Let the photographer know you would like the people in the photo to be posing awkwardly
D. All of the above

Some office sent this into the office I work at and I scanned it, because for real, I laughed about it all day. My personal favorites are the 2 on the right. The far right because, WHY IS SHE WEARING A TIE!? and the next one in because, seriously? She’s like my moms age. What up with that pose? “Alright now everyone, on my count of three, try your best to appear ridiculous.” *click* “PERFECT”


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2 Responses to How To Have a Great Office Photo on Your Christmas Card

  1. Aliese says:

    That.Is.Awesome. Clearly the woman third from the left was a bit embarrassed though as she is sportin’ some sunglasses so as to no be recognized…Or at least I’m going to give her that benefit-of-the-doubt.

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