Grocery Store Songs, OR, If You Don’t Like This Song, I Don’t Know You

I was at the grocery store today, P.S. I love the grocery store. ANYWAYS Unfailingly you hear a song you haven’t heard in ages at the grocery store. I LOVE this… Because usually I hear a song I really liked, that I had forgotten about. And this set me thinking to songs that I consider grocery store songs that I love but you never really hear them. So go listen to them.

-I Want You- Savage Garden: You know, the one that mentions Chic a Cherry Cola? Great song right? Super Catchy, poppy, fabulous

-Swing Life Away- Rise Against: This song is awesome… End of story

-Dancing Queen- Abba: Every girl sings this song. If you say you never have you are lying

-I Want It That Way- Backstreet Boys: Ok, So If you are over a certain age OR a boy you can be exempt from this. If not? I know your secret, local music scene, music snob girl.

-You Spin Me Right Round- Dead or Alive: “You spin me right round, baby right round, like a record baby…” Or a roller coaster… whatevs :D

-Swing Swing- All American Rejects: If They don’t play this song at some lame dance I go to? I know the DJ is garbage. I’m looking at you New Years Eve DJ

-Invisible- Clay Akien: Seriously Sadie and me get a little to excited when this song comes on, but come on it is hilarious.

-Save Tonight: Eagle Eye Cherry: My little brother doesn’t know this song…. I don’t know him.

-Believe- Cher: Don’t bother telling me you haven’t listened to this song in the grocery store and hummed along. It would be a falsehood, and I wouldn’t believe you. Heh


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