Overheard in the Halls: Part 2

As a tribute to our conversation about Overheard in New York I have been listening carefully. :)

Guy (on the phone): Yeah I’m in Utah, and I’m NEVER leaving!
*pause while other person talks*
Guy: Because I’m in LOVE!
*another pause*
Guy: Yeah Mom, I’ll still come home for Christmas….
-Front Entrance

Guy to another guy: Yeah so yesterday I got payed $10 an hour to lay on the floor and do nothing!
-The Liberal Arts Building (I need this job)

Girl: But I told you it was a Pajama Party!
Boy: You did NOT tell me!
-The Liberal Arts Building (man he must have looked so stupid)

All this realism is giving me a case of cynicism!
-Art Student

Girl 1: Wait you said no?! Did you know that he’s Pre-Med?
Girl 2: Yeah, but I don’t really like him.
Girl 1: SO!
-Student Center (Seriously girl 2 get your priorities straight. Sheesh)

(Girl takes off her shoes)
Guy: People do that all the time in the LA building, but you can’t do it here!
– The Hall of Flags*

There was another conversation that I couldn’t remember well enough to write down, but it involved a lengthy analogy comparing BYU to the ROTC and was fairly entertaining.Β  Also yesterday I had to go listen to the Key Note Speaker for one of my classes, and they had the Coach that Remember the Titans was based off of. It was really good. His southern accent was so charming. Also he kept saying “thanks to all of you for braving the weather in order to come” It was like 45 degrees and sunny. I mean there is still snow on the ground, but I took my jacket off when I was walking into school, and I didn’t receive a medal of courage when I walked through the doors. I am severely disappointed.

*When I am in the Hall of Flags I always try to sit under a flag of a country I like. Unfortunately China is located above a garbage can so I can not sit there. haha


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