This Week Will Live in Infamy

As the week that almost everything went not so perfect

Our lives are pretty good. Not really much to complain about. But seriously guys when on the rare occasion we all of a sudden have something bad happen to us, we might as well just crawl into a safe box for a while cause a ton moreΒ  stuff is about to go down.

If your name is Kelli (which mine is)your week might start out with you losing your wallet. Including your debit card, Drivers license, S.S. Card, Work credit card and cost co membership. Greeeaaattt.

Then maybe you will get pulled aside after a work meeting so the office manager can let you know you need to be a little more bubbly.

Then shut your window to hard so your cousins alarm system breaks just to top it all off.

If your name is Sadie (which mine is) your week might begin with you loosing your cell phone. It will probably end up in the hands of a person who lives really far away and doesn’t speak the best English. She will probably leave on vacation making it completely impossible for you to go pick up your phone.

Then you will probably be a victim of Identity theft when a person steals your credit card number and attempts to spend $400 at a Walmart in New York.

Then most likely you will be running late in the morning (usually use cell phone as alarm) which causes you to skip breakfast (after missing dinner the night before). When 1:30 rolls around, and you are starving then you will loose your wallet (good news is the credit cards have already been canceled). But now you don’t have your student I.D. so I guess you can’t go to the lab on Monday. Also your drivers liences, CPR certification, Barnes and Noble gift card, and cash are probably gone. When you go check the Lost and Found at campas police they will probably make fun of you, when you tell them they can’t take down your number because you lost your phone earlier in the week. Also you have class until 4:30 and you haven’t eaten for 24 hours. Then most likely your carpools ride will break down. So you end up staying at school until 6:00, and you have a cold.

But it’s ok I think atleast my bad luck streak is over. This weekend was amazing! Atleast we get it all over with at once. :)

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