One Reason I Still Have Faith in Humanity

Today when I was at school I saw this kid. He was dressed in a green super hero costume including a green mask and cape. He was just roaming the halls throwing out huge handfuls of candy to all the students. At first I thought he was affiliated with the school somehow, but turns out he’s not. He’s just some random kid that sometimes dresses up as a super hero and passes out candy to fellow students. That is awesome.

P.S. I think I have a look a like at this school. Two separate people have come up and started talking to me thinking I was someone else today. One of them has waved at me several times in the halls. I thought he was just weirdly friendly, but he must have thought I was that other girl. Wish I knew her. I bet she’s way cool.  :)


About SadieSadie

I LOVE Horses, Roller Coasters, Traveling , Meeting Weird People, River Rafting, Summer, Music, Mornings, Enthusiasm, Philanthropy, Themed Parties, Reading, Black and White Photographs, Orange Juice, Making Lists, Road Trips, Swing Sets, and Mix CDs.
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2 Responses to One Reason I Still Have Faith in Humanity

  1. inspiritual says:

    This kid is awsome! That requires quite some courage, to do something like this. Quite the inspiration!

  2. kelltick says:

    I think I need to return to that school…

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