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Things I Saw Today

Inspirational chalk messages. Someone wrote them all over the sidewalks on campus things like “Smile it looks good on you” etc A Boy in a Deron Williams jersey. :( Some boy riding his bike around in the administration building. The … Continue reading

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Yeah, that was a tough call…

So the other day on MSN there was an intriguing headline… About how people are scared of the wrong things. And one was how motorcycles were more dangerous then horses…. I AM SHOCKED. not. Are you serious!! people are more … Continue reading

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It’s a GREAT day!… Or at least I’ll tell you it is, because thats my job

And that title would be a lot more effective if you could hear me in your head. So I don’t remember if I’ve talked much about my job. Probably not cause grown up jobs are so gosh dang boring there … Continue reading

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Happy Valentines Day Everybody! We LOVE Valentines Day (you may have noticed as we’ve been posting about it all week). So hope everyone has a great day whether it involves a hot date or just hanging out with friends. Spread … Continue reading

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Valentines Day

I know a lot of people really hate Valentines Day, but I really actually love it. People complain that it’s too commercialized, but really I can’t think of a holiday in this country that isn’t? Then there’s all those people … Continue reading

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♥Soundtrack Saturday: Valentines Playlist♥

Here are some of our favorite songs to listen to around Valentines Day. Secret Valentine- We the Kings Can’t Hurry Love- Diana Ross and The Supremes Crush Crush Crush- Paramore If Cupid Had a Heart- Julie Griffins Juliet- LMNT Love … Continue reading

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The Best Friend Boy List

THE BEST FRIEND BOY LIST To qualify for the Best Friend boy list you must have been best friends with the boy before  you fall in love with them. And at some point someone has to say something along the … Continue reading

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