Yeah, because EVERYONE has a miniature pool in their back yard

So I watch an awful lot of kid TV due to my current residence… 4 children under 12 means a lot of time watching Nick, Disney, and Cartoon Network. This means I am also subjected to a lot of toy commercials which takes me back to when I was little and thinking that the kids in commercials got to play in the coolest yards ever. Girls always had like little lakes for their barbies to jet ski across with conveniently places islands or miniature side walks  for bike riding, and the boys always had really cool tracks for their monster tracks and dirt bikes with big hills and mud pits and everything…  In searching on google images for one of these fantastical fantasy yards I found this…

My grandma totally has this. And when we were young if we were REALLY lucky we got to play with it outside and put water in it. I was easy to please.

ALSO one of my friends who I cannot recall at this time made mention of a very interesting fact. What up with this?
That boy is a little old to be so into nerf guns. My nine year old cousins get peretty excited about them but in the nerf commercials it’s always a late teens early 20’s guy who is dressed like a secret agent that says “It’s nerf… or NOTHING” also I think that boy is for real scary. He looks like he actually wan’t to cause someone bodily harm with his nerf weapon. my advice? Aim for the eyes.


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3 Responses to Yeah, because EVERYONE has a miniature pool in their back yard

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  2. Aliese says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to see a picture of a Barbie pool!!! I loved that thing. I also love that she had the Barbie sitting on the slide (it’s the one with the crappy haircut now) along with the bathing suit she’s sportin’. SO COOL. :)

  3. Jennifer says:

    I loved that barbie pool! It was a real treat when we got to play with it outside.

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