The Love/Hate List

We love lists… as you know.. Anyways, A long time ago we started collecting for a series of lists. Lists about the different types of love. and since valentines is a mere week away, and we LOVE  valentines we decided we would post some of these lists and random other valentinesy stuff this week.

Anyways this is the Love/Hate list. Made of people who hated each other before they loved each other.  Love hate relationships are perhaps the second biggest cliche in the world… They are movies, books, songs and a few real people thrown in. I’d say the rule of a quality Love/Hate is  a situation like this: 2 people have always sort of hated each other, then they have a big fight and stop talking to each other, then when they are not talking to each other they miss the other person and realize they are in love.

  1. Pride and Prejudice
  2. You’ve Got Mail
  3. Stranger Than Fiction
  4. Shop Around the Corner
  5. My Fair Lady
  6. Bride and Prejudice
  7. Hackers
  8. Who Needs Boys
  9. Hercules
  10. Anne of Green Gables
  11. Elf
  12. Princess Diaries 2
  13. Flipped
  14. Saddle Club
  15. Phantom of The Opera
  16. Santa Clause 2
  17. National Treasure
  18. Anastasia
  19. Sound of Music
  20. Star Wars
  21. Drake and Josh
  22. Cowbells
  23. Go Figure
  24. Drive Me Crazy
  25. Oklahoma
  26. Everything You Want
  27. Boston Jane
  28. Mates Dates (Diamond Destiny)
  29. Hannah Montana
  30. Cars
  31. The Prince and Me
  32. Polly and Tom (by Sadie)
  33. Throughly Modern Millie
  34. Much ado About Nothing
  35. Walk the Line
  36. Catch and Release
  37. Just Like Heaven
  38. Get a Clue
  39. Kuch Naa Kaho
  40. Rachel McAdams/Ryan Gosling
  41. The Secret Journal of Brett Colton
  42. Harry Potter (Lilly and James)
  43. I Hate Everything About You- Three Days Grace
  44. The Alliance
  45. Beyond This Moment
  46. Flushed Away
  47. Jump In
  48. The Twelve Dancing Princesses (play)
  49. One Fine Day
  50. Intolerable Cruelty
  51. Addicted to Love
  52. The African Queen
  53. Bringing Up Baby
  54. The Good Bye Girl
  55. French Kiss
  56. As Good As It Gets
  57. Groundhog Day
  58. A Life Less Ordinary
  59. Phenomenon
  60. Sweet Home Alabama
  61. A Far Off Place
  62. No Reservations
  63. This Lullaby
  64. North and South
  65. My Fair Lady
  66. Love’s Enduring Promise
  67. The Cutting Edge
  68. When I’m Gone- No Address
  69. Fast Girls and Smart Boys
  70. Sadie’s Story
  71. Swan Princess
  72. Mrs. Bowman and Husband
  73. First Day (song)
  74. She’s a Lady- Forever The Sickest Kids
  75. She’s Killing Me- A Rocket to  the Moon
  76. Madalyne- We Should Whisper!
  77. She likes (Bittersweet Love)- Forever the Sickest Kids
  78. Every Other Time- LFO
  79. Jenny- The Click Five
  80. She Hates to Love Me- My Girl Friday
  81. Percy Jackson
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