It’s a GREAT day!… Or at least I’ll tell you it is, because thats my job

And that title would be a lot more effective if you could hear me in your head.
So I don’t remember if I’ve talked much about my job. Probably not cause grown up jobs are so gosh dang boring there isn’t much to say. ANYways. I work front desk. And I have pretty much convinced everyone I am freaking amazing at it. I realize how arrogant that sounds. Really I do. But the catch is this. I’ve convinced people I’m amazing. Am I really? Absolutely not. I’m just one of 2 front office people who actually knows how to use a computer, and force it to do my bidding. AND I answer the phone in a way that people just love. See when I first started working there I noticed some of the Ladies would say ” Its a great day at *my place of employment*, this is Maxine how can I help you?” I did not do this. Because A it sounds stupid and B If I say that on the phone to people I will pretty much laugh my head off. But then one day the boss called and told me I answered wrong so I picked up the great day phrase. But I say it with gusto! Which is hilarious, because if you know me at all you know I would rather stick pins in my eyes then answer the phones that way. But what is absolutely the worst? People who ask “Is it really a great day Kelli?” And I have to say yes even though I find that question so incredibly obnoxious. And last week a man made me name like ten reasons it was a good day. People think they are hysterical. WRONG.

You know who has it worse though? The Rue 21 workers. Call them, see if they do their long little phrase guy still… It’s hilarious.


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