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Things I am really bad at.

Cooking Dancing Spelling Holding still Volleyball Math Saving money Being sympathetic Driving Decoding boy… And honestly I am so annoyed at myself right now Advertisements

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The Hate List

Of What and who I hate right now. 1. Kobe bryant 2. John Mayer 3. Tom Brady 4. Ron Artest 5. When my cell phone is running out of battery and keeps beeping 6. Sushi

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March Madness (Jimmer Style)

Living in Utah County means you can’t not know about Jimmer Ferdette. It’s inescapable. I’m usually not really into College basketball, but when your favorite NBA team sucks as bad as mine does this year you have to find other outlets. … Continue reading

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Chore Chart

My cousins husband thinks it is a hilarious joke to put me on the chore list every weekend. usually he just puts on like my room or something but it takes me back to the bad old days when I … Continue reading

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The elections at my university this year are turning out to be quite dramatic. Not because of a rivalry between candidates or anything, because actually there is only one candidate running anyways. This is actually the main source of drama. … Continue reading

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Best thing I have heard in days

“He’s a fairy, You can tell because he doesn’t look the same in any picture” What does that have to do with being a fairy anyways?

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