The elections at my university this year are turning out to be quite dramatic. Not because of a rivalry between candidates or anything, because actually there is only one candidate running anyways. This is actually the main source of drama. Apparently the school paper wrote a scathing editorial blaming the elections committee saying they didn’t promote it enough, and saying they were responsible for the complete lack of democracy our school would be forced to adhere to. This made the elections committee really mad and they started sending a series of mean letters to the editor and claiming that the school newspaper participates in a form of nepotism by selecting only students ofΒ  certain majors to be the editor in chief. All in all I just think it’s hilarious how serious this all being taken. I mean really it’s Student Government. That being said I might actually start reading the school paper. People who take themselves too seriously have a high entertainment value in my opinion. Also even though they are the only ones running the candidate group has PLASTERED the school in posters, banners, and fliers. Even positioning themselves strategically around campus to remind people to vote for them (as if they have a choice). haha


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