Chore Chart

My cousins husband thinks it is a hilarious joke to put me on the chore list every weekend. usually he just puts on like my room or something but it takes me back to the bad old days when I actually had to do chores. Actually no it doesn’t. my chores were ridiculously easy. I either had to clean the bathroom or vacuum the upstairs of my house for two dollars every Saturday. And every so often my mom tried to start up a dishes chore list where we all switched off doing washing drying ect. but that ALWAYS ended in water fights so it never lasted long… My poor mom. But anyways there are a few chores that I find either A: absolutely pointless, or B: Absolutely awful

I hate making my bed. I’ve never understood why it’s so important. It just takes up time and you mess it up every time you use it which is like everyday. And people are always like SPIDERS! BUGS! DUST MITES! Dude, those things are so small They can crawl under the covers even if they’re made

Ironing clothes. I Abhor Ironing. I can never get it right. ever. Ironing my shirt Every sunday morning was the worst part of camp… Actually that is a lie. Danny was the worst part of camp.

Mopping- Mopping is disgusting with those rope mops. you are just rubbing some dirty fabric on a dirty floor nd then the water gets dirty. I’m not sure what the best way to clean your floor is but there has to be something better out there.




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1 Response to Chore Chart

  1. Jennifer says:

    That’s hilarious. I am not a bed making fan either…unless someone is coming over and will for some reason see my room. And mopping with a rope mop is disgusting. I use a swiffer mop. Easier and way less gross.

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