Celebs I want to meet IRL

In Real Life.

I was thinking about this today. And the celebs I want to meet in real life off the top of my head are not necessarily ones I would want to be friends with or think they are hot or something. no, usually I want to meet them in real life because I want to know if they are actually crazy.

Michael Cera is a good example of this. he only ever plays some one totally weird, and I just know in real life he is weird.

Lady Gaga I know really tries to put off the image that she is actually just crazy, but I wonder if it ever gets old for her. because I don’t care how real she says she is I don’t think there is anyone more fake. And I want to meet her and either A: mock her, or B: watch her slip up, and then mock her.

I feel a little bit curious about what the Sprouse twins are like in real life, it is hard for me to imagine them as anything different then Zack and Cody.

I sort of want to meet Helena Bonham Carter, but I’m a hundred percent positive she is crazy. Like we watched the Kings speech and I was shocked to see her playing someone so totally normal.

The lead singer of Say Anything. He is so bi polar.


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3 Responses to Celebs I want to meet IRL

  1. Aliese says:

    Oh yeah, Carter has to be certified-crazy. I don’t think it’s feasible for someone to do the work she’s done without some level of insanity. I’m constantly intrigued by her interviews and commentaries though because she always seems so intelligent and down-to-Earth (like a serial killer?!?). Cera is just…wonderfully dweebie…

  2. Jennifer says:

    Totally agree. HBC actually gives me the creeps a little. Lady Gaga can’t really be like that. The Sprouse twins are probably totally obnoxious. And Michael Cera probably plays with Magic Cards, but I bet he’s nice. Just dorky.

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