My Lack of Hand Eye Coordination is SUPER pathetic

I am Uncoordinated. If you know me, this in not a surprise. If you don’t know me…. Surprise? I also have a bent right arm due to 3 breaks throughout my life. I like to blame my total lack of hand eye coordination on this… Most people aren’t convinced. Whatever. This lack of coordination coupled with my general fear of being hit in the face with sporting equipment makes me a really horrible addition to any sports team. And also brings up a few micro stories, like the time Sadie and I got told we couldn’t play on the same team in ultimate Frisbee (which is the ultimate worst game ever). Or the time we were playing soccer with Sadie’s dad and siblings and instead of attempting to steal the ball I just ram her dad with my full body weight in hopes of knocking him off-balance, and instead ending up laying flat on my back on the ground. I also was part of a 2 on 2 basketball game the other day… and luckily the boy I was playing with is really excellent at basketball because I only made one basket… and we still won.

Anyways. I was thinking about how bad I am at most sports… But then a lot of times I’m pretty decent at them if I’m playing them as a video game. I know this is pathetic. I already got made fun of for it. Like Frisbee golf… I would be out on a folf course ALL DAY. but I am Excellent at it on the play station… Ok excellent might be giving myself a little credit. but passably good. Or Sand volley ball. In real life there is an excellent chance volley ball is my worst sport ever. But I can win it as a video game. I would really like for my skill to transfer to real life please.


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