Palindrome Year, Or happy birthday Sadie!

22 reasons Sadie is the best

  1. She’s a Humanitarian
  2. She has excellent taste in music
  3. She is funny
  4. She likes adventures
  5. She Teen mag’d a room with me once
  6. She is smart
  7. She’s always up for a random road trip
  8. She’s going to go to India someday
  9. She donates her blood
  10. She writes down all the funny stuff we say so we can remember it later
  11. She has an excellent sense of humor
  12. She likes to white water raft
  13. She is loyal
  14. She likes ridiculously awesome movies
  15. She likes to play games and she is good at them
  16. She can pull all nighters
  17. She’s been to China
  18. She stands up for what she believes in
  19. She can accept that we are obsessive about things
  20. She can win boys at Super smash bros
  21. She makes really excellent no bake cookies
  22. She knows you are never to old for fun

Sorry I didn’t actually manage to get this posted on your birthday… :) bad friend points for me.


About kelltick

Snowcones. Theme Parks. All Time Low. Lake Powell. Concerts. Random Dancing. Trampolines. The Beach. Camping. Snowboarding. Horses. Dr Pepper. Summer camp. Pets. Sarcasm. Adventures. Utah. Arizona. Pool days. the lake. SUMMER. Pictures. Tang (the drink). Vacations. Life.
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One Response to Palindrome Year, Or happy birthday Sadie!

  1. SadieSadie says:

    NBD. I love it! I miss you though. COME BACK SOON.

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