Let me tell you a short story…

About a girl and a boy. And this story really is pretty short haha. Once upon a time there was a girl…. and there was a boy. The met… they didn’t fall in love. Ok she didn’t. Whether he did or not? Debatable. ANYWAYS. They started hanging out  a lot… watching movies a lot… playing games a lot ect. and they got along like champions… (And won a lot of games as team mates too) then one day (April fools day actually) the boy decided ‘I don’t know that being just friends is good enough for me… I know what I’ll do I’ll tell that girl I like her and it will be perfect’ so he did. And the girl freaked out… but then just went for it and said she liked him back too. Then they talked. And texted… and then they texted some more. And then one day the boys was like I am really nervous to kiss you. And this made the girl nervous. And then one day the boy was like wanna be official. and the girl freaked out a little and then was like sure… Then she owed her best friend $10… Then the girl and boy were sort of dating. I use that term loosely though. Mostly they just hung out. Then one week about … 2 weeks after the use of the word official the boy started acting weird. The girl pretended not to notice, and carried on as usual. Because their… relationship? Was casual that way. Not really in a “talk about our feeling” sort of place. Then one night when the boy dropped the girl off he handed her an envelope the girl didn’t want to accept because letters just mean something really awkward is going to happen. And she was right. Because the boy had apparently LOST HIS MIND.

The summary of this letter is pretty much this:
-Boy talks about how lame writing a letter is. (true)
-Boy talks about how awesome and fun girl is (also true)
-Boy talks about how he really likes girl but isn’t sure they should be exclusive because he isn’t planning to get married anytime soon ( WHAT THE HECK?!)
-Boy has a short return to sanity and remembers that they had never even SPOKEN about this (and then promptly looses his mind again)
-Boy notes he isn’t saying they could never get married just not right now (Who said -ANYTHING about getting married EVER?)
-Boy restates that said girl is his best friend and favorite person and begs her not to be angry with him (she’s not she just thinks he’s a little dumb)

Then the girl had to text the boy and says she didn’t have any plans on getting married so good news they were on the same page. Then boy makes the mistake of admitting that he had considered the idea of getting married this summer but would rather be friends for a year then date for 2 months.And then maybe in a year they would both be more ready. And the girl was like WHAT THE HECK IS THIS KID DRINKING?! Because true fact: This girl never made any of the moves in this relationship, but he sure made it out to look like she had.

Then she let a lot of people read a letter she had promised not to let anyone read. then she posted about it on the internet.



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5 Responses to Let me tell you a short story…

  1. Jennifer says:

    I really liked the idea of boy and girl being a thing. It seemed cool and casual from hundreds of miles away. Boy obviously doesn’t know girl very well if he thought she was itching to get married anytime in the near future. What was boy thinking? I feel like boy should have consulting me (even though we’ve never met) before doing something so dumb. Poor dumb boy. You had such promise for about 5 seconds.

  2. Aliese says:

    Oh, ditto to Jen. Poor guy.

  3. SadieSadie says:

    I really just feel like he won’t be able to date anyone if he got that vibe from you of all people. haha Crazy kid.

  4. Sarah says:

    Kelli, I love you.

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