Your deodorant is a liar

Seriously. Whoever came up with he stuff they put on deodorant bottles should be punished. Just today I was in my little brothers bathroom (dangerous) and I glanced at his deodorant…  Brand – Old spice which i think is pretty popular for boys and I don’t actually care so much about that but the scent is apparently Denali… WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? You’re going to smell like a mountain? A national park? Wild life? Fortunately the creators realized this title was a little ambiguous so the put a sticker on the lid that lets you know exactly what you’re getting, apparently you’re going to smell like Wilderness, open air, and FREEDOM. So I smelled it and it actually just smells like every boy deodorant ever.  I once had a teen spirit deodorant called popstar… How do they know what pop stars smell like? and actually I feel like most of the time pop stars just smell like sweat if they are performing. Sadie had a deodorant that I’m pretty sure was called pink crush… ??? What does that smell like? I have no idea. However, both of those deodorants were of the teen spirit brand, and whoever decided on that brand was BRILLIANT. Smells Like Teen Spirit!


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Snowcones. Theme Parks. All Time Low. Lake Powell. Concerts. Random Dancing. Trampolines. The Beach. Camping. Snowboarding. Horses. Dr Pepper. Summer camp. Pets. Sarcasm. Adventures. Utah. Arizona. Pool days. the lake. SUMMER. Pictures. Tang (the drink). Vacations. Life.
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2 Responses to Your deodorant is a liar

  1. Jennifer says:

    The brand name is genius…a nice homage to arguably one of the greatest songs ever. I remember your pop star deodorant. We had a lengthy comparison about whose was better. And I agree Denali smells like boy deodorant more than freedom…but it smells good still.

  2. SadieSadie says:

    I loved that Pink Crush deodorant. I was so mad when they stopped selling it. Now my deodorant apparently smells like Friends Forever…..

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