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An Open letter to my classmates, teachers, and peers

Dear Population of MCC, hello, nice to see you again…. Sort of You guys need to stop smoking so much, all the time everywhere. you’re going to give me lung cancer. To the Boy in my Health class. No I … Continue reading

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Gambling is bad

So we play a lot of scum in this family I live with. And they have the fabulous tradition of “Bets” Which is basically a dare you agree to participate in if you are playing. so at the end of … Continue reading

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No Correlation

So I’m the worst and haven’t posted in what…. forever? Something like that. Here are some random lists so that I’m not a bad BFF blogger. Movies I’ve Seen Recently: The Help- SO GOOD. Thor- SO cheesy. Rise of the … Continue reading

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I Actually Wanted to Post This on Facebook, Then Thought Better of it

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Did You Know?

July 30th was apparently International Friendship day?! and we MISSED IT?!! Outrageous. Friends for a decade and we forget this momentous day I didn’t even know existed until today… whatevs. So right now you’re vacationing in Montana and I just … Continue reading

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