Did You Know?

July 30th was apparently International Friendship day?! and we MISSED IT?!! Outrageous. Friends for a decade and we forget this momentous day I didn’t even know existed until today… whatevs. So right now you’re vacationing in Montana and I just got back from vacationing in Cali. Why is it that we can never make our trip schedules match up? That would be convenient. When we go to Europe we’ll have the same trip schedule.

My Immunity to Illness has taken a real hit here in Arizona. I absolutely do not appreciate that. I get random colds all the time. No fair. My cousin calls it desert fever. I can’t decide if that is a legitimate thing or not.

I’ve turned into that girl who will not hang out with the boy she used to date. Ever. Which is not really the girl I wanted to be but when I really think about it, it’s less than surprising. Because why would I? We prefer to call him Wrench around here, in a he who must not be named matter, because he’s a tool.

Today I played best baby sitter in the world and got the kids tie dye. And then let them just get crazy with it. Now they all have tie dye underwear. Just call me Mary Poppins


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One Response to Did You Know?

  1. Jennifer says:

    Tie Dye underwear! That’s hilarious! And there’s nothing wrong with being that girl if the boy is the one making hanging out impossible. Some of the guys I have histories with are still totally awesome. Others…not so much. I’ve been ostrisized by an entire family/friend base because of a silly boy. Screw it. Stuff happens for a reason and things are likely to be great in the future.

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