Gambling is bad

So we play a lot of scum in this family I live with. And they have the fabulous tradition of “Bets” Which is basically a dare you agree to participate in if you are playing. so at the end of the game the person who won president chooses a bet. It is usually Really gross or really embarrassing. Bonus if you manage to think of something that is both. examples of popular bets include, kissing the pigs snout, doing a prank call, jumping in the pool fully clothed, singing a loud embarrassing song in front of people who you either don’t know or weren’t playing. I haven’t introduced this tradition into my actual families games because my brother and cousins are insane. ANYWAYS. I lost… and had to LICK my cousins husbands armpit. so gross right? I actually had another option of prank calling this boy who I think is gorgeous but that option wasn’t really any better. And they filmed it guys. there is video evidence somewhere of me licking an armpit. But the best part of the video isn’t the lick which was LIGHTNING FAST. Its the conversation and arguments before hand. If I figure out how to get it from their video camera I’ll post it


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3 Responses to Gambling is bad

  1. Aliese says:

    Bwahahaha! That sounds truly amazing. Maybe you ought to suggest eating food someone else has already chewed, swallowed, and regurgitated? That seemed to go over really well at Grammy’s house a few years ago. :)

  2. kelltick says:

    Right? I actually think of that sometimes, but I think I’ve lost my ability to regurgitate after not practicing in so long

  3. Jennifer says:

    That’s kinda gross. I like the stakes involved in scum though…more motivation! And I’ve actually lost my ability to be a good swallower because I’m too good a regurgitator.

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