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Save Some Time: Stereotype

Here is a video of 50 State Stereotypes. Utah’s is expected. I saw it coming from about 5,000 miles away, but some of them are hilarious. I think my favorites are Indiana and Florida. Bonus Video of some rejected ones after … Continue reading

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The one that makes me come off as really petty (don’t judge me )

or reason #2483 not to live 11 hours from your best friend You remember the great un boyfriend incident right? RIGHT??? If not go read and be horrified…. Ok. And actually I just went and read that and realized I … Continue reading

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Summer Fades to Fall

I was not ready for summer to be over. Not ready at all! So I’ve been thinking of a list of good things about the 1st week of school in order to curb any negative thoughts I might have towards … Continue reading

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