The one that makes me come off as really petty (don’t judge me )

or reason #2483 not to live 11 hours from your best friend

You remember the great un boyfriend incident right? RIGHT??? If not go read and be horrified…. Ok. And actually I just went and read that and realized I left some stuff out. Ah well. Whatever.


So. I don’t have a large friend circle down here. Not because I’m an ogre or a horrible monster or horrifically sarcastic… OK maybe the last one.
But really it’s just because I am BUSY! All! THE! TIME! I don’t get out much, partially due to the a fore-mentioned business, partly due to the fact that I don’t like to call people or invite myself to things. But I do have one friend that I would consider myself to be close with. And she is cool. I like her. We are pretty different but still get along pretty good, and I would consider her to be my Best/closest friend in Arizona. Anyways she was the person who originally introduced me to that boy, then when that boy went crazy I basically tried to unfriend him. But the difficult part about this unfriending is that when your friend circle is about 4 people big and they are all connected he becomes a difficult person to unfriend because your other friends don’t need to unfriend him. But you know I still try to steer clear. He has become part of that ever-growing crowd of people who just ANNOY me without me really having any real reason.

Side note: This song haha!

Also this story is taking forever. Dear self: Get to the point

So anyways they are still friends, which is fabulous. go for it be friends, hang out. but don’t get offended when you invite me and I decline. And luckily she doesn’t. But he does. Freak. Today though, I had the misfortune of being with both of them at the same time. OHMIGOSH so annoying. I think he at least 6 times (no exaggeration I swear) kindof aside told her that he needed to talk to her. which you know, is completely obnoxious in any situation. then when we left, cause we drove together, he followed us out to her car, and kept telling us we shouldn’t leave and telling her to stay and just have me and her brother go home without her and he would drop her off later ect. And then me and my friends brother got in the car and they just stayed outside the car talking about… something. Also, It turns out they may be going to conference together. which is unfortunate, because I wanted to hitch a ride to Utah with her but I don’t know that I can do 12 hours in the car with him. However, the Idea of a Ryder/Sadie meet up is appealing to me…

And If she starts to date him which they have both sworn would never happen due to the fact that they are distantly related I will have an even narrower friend circle then before.

Because there is a best friend rule and it is this: If you dated someone and you kissed I will not date them ever.

Also GIRL CODE. It’s there and it’s real and you do not date the boys that I have dated. As it turns out, I’m that girl. Who knew? I actually didn’t but now I do and I gotta say I’m a little disappointed in myself.

Also, Note to past self: When people tell you not to date boys who just text, BELIEVE THEM


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6 Responses to The one that makes me come off as really petty (don’t judge me )

  1. Aliese says:

    You know, if you take the SG route, you’ll only have to do 6-8 hours in the car with them because I can take you the rest of the way. :) And yes, it does totally suck when friends stay friends with crazy boys. Totally been there before and it’s awful. Sorry friend. Oh, and it may be the greatest thing ever if they do start dating!! A) you can-quite easily-unfriend both of them and B) you can also-quite easily-make fun of their children because being distantly related is a sure-fire way to ensure your kiddos’ eyes are too close together, walk funny, or are generally…s…l…o…w… That’s good times right there. They may as well start wearing jeans under their skirts.

  2. kelltick says:

    Every time I feel the slightest bit annoyed I am going to read the part about them wearing jeans under their skirts. hahaha

  3. Aliese says:

    I knew you’d like that part. :)

  4. SadieSadie says:

    Haha that was a hilariously low blow! I liked it.

    P.S. I wish I could meet him too, mostly just because I KNOW there is no way in the world I could even be a little nice to him, and I think he deserves it.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Is there any way Sadie and I could meet him at the same time? I think we could shame him into moving to another place or something. I will wreck him. Also, you aren’t really that girl. I mean, it seems like you might be that girl…but really, he has been kind of a creep and you should be allowed to write him off entirely. And it does suck that she seems to kind of be choosing him over you sometimes, but they knew each other first so I guess it make a little sense. I’ve been there and I don’t envy you. It actually can be ok to sorta break girl code and date the break up boy but the situation…but this girl would be an idiot to date him considering his past behavior and his obvious lack of maturity…I swear he acts like he’s 12. Solution: get the heck out of Arizona. Come to Utah. Go to school here. I can tutor you in math, I’m really good at math. And then you can hang out with your friends or me or I can introduce you to some none creeps. And you can play with my baby who will undoubtedly be better than other babies. Deal?

    Side Note: Aliese – I know one guy who happens to be the results of a little bit of incest and he’s the cutest, smartest guy around. He lucked out.

  6. kelltick says:

    I would love that. Because he is so certain that every single person loves him. I want to see him CRUSHED =)

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