Overheard in the Halls: Part 3

It’s time for the annual Overheard in the Halls post.

Boy 1: Wait who is Steve Jobs, and why is everyone talking about him today?
Boy 2: Wait, you don’t know who Steve Jobs is?
Boy 1: No
Boy 2: You are too dumb for college, go home.
–Outdoor Courtyard

Girl: Wait…. you guys took room mate pictures?
Guy: Yeah!
Girl: Huh…. you guys know you aren’t girls right?
–LA Building

Student 1: I want to donate my body to science!
Student 2: You’d make a great cadaver.
–Science Building

Institute Teacher: (Talking about President Uchtdorf) You can just tell that the ladies are attracted to him. I feel like he should be the Old Spice guy. ‘Look at your man. Now look at me. Now look back at your man. He’s not like me, but he could be… if he flies jet planes, and becomes a General Authority.’
–Institute of Religion

Boy 1: Ugh I wish it would stop raining! 2 days in a row.
Boy 2: I’m from Seattle.
Boy 1: So?
Boy 2: So stop complaining.
-Front Entrance

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