My (new) Top Ten … Hot Celebs

Also, HEY!! Long time no see! I feel like I’ve been blog dead… Anyways, Here’s my updated Top Ten…. Last time I did one I was 19… OHMYGASH!!! … It’s over here.

1. Liam Hemsworth- *sigh* Honestly, If he asked me to marry him tomorrow? I would. He is DREAMY. And He is un contested king of this list. Really I could not make the rest of it, but no one cares about a “Top … 1 list” heh. Thank you Liam for being in the Last Song so I can be minorly obsessed with you.

2. Logan Lerman- Percy Jackson, Hero, Hottie… I think he was perfectly cast for that movie and the fact that he plays Percy Jackson might be a far to significant piece of why I like him.

3. Taylor Lautner- Ahhh I have thought he was so cute ever since I saw cheaper by the dozen 2… and I was to old for him then. so I guess I’m to old for him now.. but since he’s in twilight and all it makes it OK. I think.

4. Zach Efron- One of only 2 returnees to the list, and dropping only one place. I would also say that after him the list gets a little more shaky and more likely to switch around based on my mood.

5. Austin Butler- But only how he looks in Sharpays Fabulous Adventure and the picture provided. Don’t bother googling him, you’ll be disappointed.

6. Kevin Bard- Who is EXTREMELY hard to find a good picture of but who, in person I think is pretty cute, and has the only New York accent I will tolerate… Which is saying something. He’s the lead singer of a delightful band called stereo skyline.

7. Logan from Big Time Rush. Which is probably one of my favorites of the many kids shows I’m forced to watch.

8. Sean Faris- Whose name I HATE the spelling of but whom I also find really attractive. The name Shawn spelled Sean makes me want to barf.

9. Darrin Criss- Of Glee fame, who would probably be higher on my list if had blue eyes.

10. Josh Duhmal- Who held sport ten in the original top ten and remains to this day my token older man.

As a closing statement can I Just say I found those last four exceedingly difficult? Because I did. But a top 6 list is almost as weird as a top 1 list.


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5 Responses to My (new) Top Ten … Hot Celebs

  1. Aliese says:

    Dare I say that Darrin Criss could pass as a Raiffe? Just sayin’. :) Also, I can’t believe it, but #’s 1-3 make me gag. I will gladly support crushes 4-10.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I’d almost reverse the order. And I hate Shawn spelled Sean. I call them Seen.

  3. kelltick says:

    I agree Aliese, Darrin Criss is practically a Raffie. Also… LIAM HEMSWORTH MAKES YOU GAG?!!
    Jen- Me too! and they always get so upset :)

  4. SadieSadie says:

    Kelli. I’m pretty sure that is not Sean Astin….. Unless you actually like Notre Dame Football playing Hobbits.

  5. kelltick says:

    Noted… and fixed. Now I just feel like a moron. =D

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