Soundtrack Saturday: Christmas Music

The thing about Christmas music is that there are about 15 songs, but there are about 5 billion different versions of those 15 songs. So here are our favorite versions of some popular Christmas music

Good Christmas Cover Songs:
Our Favorite Version of Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)- Anberlin (U2 and Death Cab for Cutie have amazing versions too)
Our Favorite Version of Santa Baby- Taylor Swift
Our Favorite Version of Last Christmas- Jimmy Eat World
Our Favorite Version of I’ll Be Home for Christmas- Matchbook Romance
Our Favorite Version of Silver Bells- Relient K
Our Favorite Version of All I Want for Christmas- Mariah Carey (It’s actually the original, but this song is covered a lot, and her version is still the best)
Our Favorite Version of Do You Hear What I Hear- Copeland
Our Favorite Version of Sleigh Ride- Relient K
Our Favorite Version of Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree- Cartel

Great Original Songs for your Collection:
Wish List- Neon Trees
Merry Christmas, Here’s to Many More- Relient K
Santa Clause is Thumbing to Town- Relient K
Believe- Josh Groban
Snowed In- Breath Carolina
Forget December- Something Corporate
Love On Our Side- The Summer Set
Girl of My Dreams- Jonas Brothers
Peppermint Winter- Owl City
Mistletoe- Justin Bieber
Wonderful Christmas Time- Paul McCartney
Ho Ho Hopefully- The Maine
Mr. Winter- The Maine
My Only Wish- Britney Spears

Other Christmas Favorites:
-Manhiem Steamroller (this is on at my ((Sadie)) house pretty much 24/7 all during December)
-Trans Siberian Orchestra (Remember that guy with the crazy light display?)
-Karen Carpenter

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3 Responses to Soundtrack Saturday: Christmas Music

  1. H says:

    Here’s a new one for yous. It’s cheesy but in aid of clean drinking water.

  2. Aliese says:

    I was well into my late adolescent years before I realized Karen Carpenter and Mannheim Steamroller did songs OTHER THAN CHRISTMAS. I felt cheated.

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