9 basic reasons I / Everyone should love finals week

1. You only go to each class one time that week. And more then likely you will be there for only a short amount of time!
2. It’s really just the final sign that schools over for the semester.
3. You get to sleep in on the days you don’t have to take tests.
4. It’s really easy to find a great parking spot at your school because hardly anyone is there.
5. I just spent 2 hours of my day at target. 30 minutes were spent reading over my study guide and drinking hot chocolate. The other time was spent wandering around the store drinking hot chocolate. Win.
6. Schools always provide extra stuff during finals week. Like hot chocolate or candy or activities ect. And I love free stuff
7. If your fortunate enough to have your finals all stacked on one day, like say, Tuesday then you just get done with your tests super fast, and have the rest of your week as like a back pack for winter break.
8. You can start selling your text books. Cha ching like money in the bank.
9. A sick part of me gets mild enjoyment from the kids who freak out about finals week


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One Response to 9 basic reasons I / Everyone should love finals week

  1. Aliese says:

    I always enjoyed finals week too. Mostly because the Ed. professors allowed us to take our finals the last day of class rather than during finals week, so I got loads of extra time off of class. And yes, the free stuff is great. I swear, I was fed on campus every day during finals.

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