Merry Christmas From Our Blog to Yours!

Spreading Christmas Cheer

Dear Internet,
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Wow! This year has just flown by! We can hardly believe it’s almost 2012 (otherwise known as the end of the world)! What a great year it’s been!
Kelli spent her days in sunny Arizona slaving away as first a receptionist, and then as a professional care giver. She enjoyed corrupting children’s taste in music (i.e. there are now some children in Arizona who think it’s cool to like the Backstreet Boys). She also had a complete failure of relationship with a boy who it turns out she hates. Good times! In addition, she attended a Community College which taught her real life survival skills, and the correct meaning of the words “tent city.”
Sadie spent the year at school adding a pointless minor that has nothing to do with her future career path! She also spends her time slaving away for the man as a cashier at a local grocery store. She earned top marks in a recent Secret Shopper survey earning a $2 gift certificate! What fun! It’s been tough being separated  by state lines, which is why both girls are looking forward to living within driving distance now.
The future looks bright for 2012 (assuming the world will still be around for it). Happy Holidays!

Sadie and Kelli

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