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As it turns out I have lost any ability to cook for myself, because cooking in college is hard

Or buy good grocery’s that will turn into good food. actually it’s debatable if I ever had either of these skills. but seriously. the only things I have eaten in the last 3 days are eggs, cheese, tortillas, cuties, Frosted … Continue reading

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Something I probably shouldn’t post on a subject I’m not an expert in.

Alternately Titled: My thoughts on Cheating spouses I hate being serious. I LOATH it. No one wants to read SERIOUS… ly boring stuff not even me, and I’m the one writing this. ALSO I may be completely ignorant on this … Continue reading

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First Day: Round 2

I might die this semester. I have a Geology class at 7 am, and the Professor speaks in monotone. Such a terrible idea! My Geography teacher is straight up crazy. She doesn’t believe in laptops so we aren’t allowed to … Continue reading

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Kelli’s First Day of School Bulletin

I live on a big hill (actually everyone here lives at the bottom of a big hill or on a hill) so It’s a sort of treacherous walk to campus. Today a kid basically sprinted up past me. Show off. … Continue reading

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So This is the New Year

It’s time for our annual New Years Post! How exciting.  2011 seems to have been a dismal year for the blog. Goals we completed: None. We had no goals. Predictions that came true: None. We made no predictions How cool … Continue reading

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